Our flavours list

Classy ‘Vicky’

A moist sponge infused with Madagascan vanilla and layered with vanilla buttercream with or without Strawberry jam.

Chocolate Dream

A moist chocolate sponge cake layered with milk chocolate buttercream.

Red Velvet

A moist deep Red Velvet sponge paired with a vanilla bean buttercream.

Tropical Island Burst

An indulgent, toasted coconut sponge with coconut buttercream with drizzles of mango and passion fruit filling. Firm favourite once you’re converted to this tropical flavour!

Lotus Biscoff Bomb

A light brown sugar sponge filled with a biscoff spread and a Biscoff or Vanilla buttercream – The Choice is yours.

Zesty Lemon and Poppyseed

A moist lemon & poppyseed cake infused with lemon zest and layered with two layers of a zesty lemon curd buttercream.

Oreos (Creamy cookie)

A light, fluffy vanilla sponge with Cookies n Cream crumbs filled with a Cookies and Cream frosting.

Strawberries and Cream

A moist pink coloured strawberry sponge layered with vanilla buttercream.

Salted caramel

A moist caramel cake layered with salted caramel sauce and sprinkled with sea salt flakes.

Chocolate Hazelnut

A moist, chocolate sponge with a white chocolate hazelnut spread and buttercream.

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    Cake Care

    Taking good care of your cake is important to make sure it stays delicious until the very last slice. You will be sent a guide on how to transport and store your cake before you collect it.

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